Simran Poddar: Breaking Stereotypes Simply & Beautifully

Published by Rishi Singh on

Content creators are often stereotyped by saying that what they do is easy money and anyone can do it, but they don’t realize that you need to think and struggle as hard as you can imagine for creating good content. Well, Simran is here to prove them wrong by showing everyone what it takes to make content and influence people.
Simran Poddar is a social media influencer who has more than 95 k followers on Instagram. Making videos on luxury, lifestyle, and home decor, she believes that hustle is the key, citing her mother to be her biggest inspiration who keeps injecting a lot of motivation in her in order to maintain consistency which she believes is the key to growing on the competitive platform. It’s very challenging to keep the same, especially when you are the only one to plan, conceptualize, shoot, edit, etc.
She wasn’t sure about doing what an influencer does or even trying her hands as her passion when she initially got into it. “During college, I remember all my juniors, friends telling me that we love your dressing sense, why don’t you start something of your own, and at that time, not many people knew about the role of an influencer. One fine day I downloaded the Instagram app and with all my courage made an announcement post about starting a lifestyle blog,” Simran told The Societal.
That was the beginning of her awesome journey as an influencer which has grown bigger and bigger with every passing day. Initially, it was difficult for her to balance things out with her full-time public relations job in Mumbai, and she was not able to give her page a lot of time because the job was too hectic and time-consuming. “And I strongly believe if we are indulged in something we should give our 100%, so then I finally made up my mind of getting into freelancing and giving higher time to my Instagram page.”
Her followers have always been in love with her cool dressing sense and the products she talks about in her videos. She recently got featured in Mid Day, a popular online publication website. This is a great achievement and really shows just how much hard work she does for her work. You have to face a lot of failures and rejection in your life as an influencer, no matter how good you are, but Simran is always motivated, thanks to her amazing Instagram community.
“If I vanish for a day, they get really curious about my absence. So it becomes more of an addiction to show up on Instagram because of the kind of love and message I receive,” tells Simran. It’s not just her community but also her parents who give her their full support. Family support is crucial for freelancing and she has had that since day one.
Talking about how tough it is to be consistent, she tells us, “It’s damn challenging to be consistent on Instagram because I am the one who can’t repeat the same kind of content, so for one outfit, I will want to upload only one rather than using many. So being consistent also means multiple shoots that we have to plan within the week.” But it’s actually the planning period that ends up taking higher time, as she needs people like a photographer, makeup artist, location, logistics, etc., on board for a project. It takes a lot more than what it looks like.
As a person, she is a gentle and simple human by heart, and this is something she loves the most about herself. Simplicity is her USP, and she likes living a simple life. This can be a big lesson for those influencers who think that they have to be high class for being attractive and influencing others.
To all the aspiring creators, Simran has a piece of advice for you, and that is to keep creating with a lot of belief in yourself. “This field is not easy. To grow and establish your name in this industry has become very, very difficult.”