The Bohra Sisters Channelling Their Childhood Nostalgia to Brighten Our Feeds

Published by Sneha Manoharan on

A Bollywood evergreen song. The warm embrace of childhood nostalgia. All this, depicted through a series of heart warming yet detailed stop motion graphics. Zainab and Sakina, or the Bohra Sisters as we fondly know them, have been blessing our Instagram feeds with their nostalgic storybook narration. Their art captures the simple charm of a small town and is heavily inspired by their hometown Udaipur. Their page has a soothing touch and almost feels like a scene right out of RK Narayan’s Malgudi Days.
Their fascination and admiration for animated movies while growing up drew them to the technique of using stop motion to narrate their stories to their audience. The sisters discovered their love for stop motion animation while Zainab worked for a marketing firm in Udaipur. They soon decided to make a venture out of their two beloved hobbies. For Sakina, it was drawing, and for Zainab, it was animation. This act of spreading joy through the same mode consumed and loved in their childhood is exceptionally inspiring.
The Bohra sisters started their page in 2015 and drew inspiration heavily from their favorite childhood memories. It might have started as a way of documenting some of their most cherished memories, but soon it became a very well-received theme with their followers. They say that, in a way, the page is dedicated to their grandparents. “It’s so personal to us, that’s the reason why we make them in the first place. I think that’s what makes them stand out too – its authenticity,” says Zainab.
The sisters believe in showcasing their true selves through their art and are immensely proud of them all, but one such project that stands out was their artwork for the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. For anyone following their Instagram page, the sister’s love for Bollywood is evident in every one of their posts. It was undoubtedly thrilling for them to be creating something for Shah Rukh Khan’s IPL team as his fans.
Be it Zainab’s favorite memory of having gulab jamun with their Dadaji, hide the sweet to avoid getting scolded by their Dadiji. Or Sakina’s memory of having her favorite malai chai with her Naniji, their artwork always leaves us in awe. The small-town charm that they depict through their video is reminiscing the days they spent with their family. The sheer relatability and the lived experiences of simpler times of childhood make their posts incredibly soothing.
The sisters say that they keep getting inspired by the small things that one experiences in real life and relate them to their childhood. Sometimes children have a more peculiar way of seeing things than adults, making it a priceless moment. The sisters try to envision a world through the eyes of a child.
The duo has been spreading smiles and positivity through their videos and believes it is the driving force behind their work. Through their love for food, Bollywood music, heritage, and the utter will to tell stories, the sisters have become an online favorite. If there is one song that perfectly embodies their dedication to keep working on their content every day, it would go like, ‘ruk jaana nahi, tum kahin haar ke, kaanto pe chalke milenge saaye bahaar ke!’ Content like these keeps adding value to the platform while also adequately promoting artists and their artwork.