The Instagram Bubble, Revolution Of New Age Influencers

Published by Parth Dubey on


Instagram is no more a social media account that you can use to chat with your friend. It has now turned into a global marketplace, a place to showcase your talent, a place to learn skills, and in general, Instagram is a place where you can ‘influence’ others. Daily, the platform has billions of continuous, active users. This is quite a heavy number of people because the application has been around for only a decade.

With such a strong user base, Instagram has turned into a weapon for those with unique abilities, interests, and talents. This is where likes, comments, followers, and ‘impressions’ matter. While many people do not understand the vast usage of the application, many do. ​After it’s launched in 2010, and the acquisition by Facebook in 2012, the application has achieved great heights.

Instagram Influencers :

  • Instagram influencers are those people who just post the content they usually do but, while doing so, they are getting paid by various types of brands to do that. If you carefully look at their profiles, they are just doing what they do but, they are getting paid to just the brands paying them on their page.
  • If an individual is quite beautiful or is a model, and has a good amount of followers, ie, the individual influences others, he or she is approached by various brands to promote their product.
  • Some artists promote the content of other artists or who promote the usage of certain kinds of kits and tools to promote their page, website, or product, in exchange for currency or commodity, and hence, both will benefit.

The Revolution :

The impact of this influence is greater than it looks. There are many upsides to it. While it is relatively easy for anyone to become an influencer, it is also very easy to attract brands. Like the following, likes, etc on the Instagram increase, one will eventually get brands asking them to promote their commodity.

This is how Instagram’s influencing works and this has risen in the past couple of years. While after the release of the Reel function of the application, the sky is the limit for most of the users. The Instagram bubble keeps on expanding to limitless horizons and there is just no limit to it.

But, with the introduction of the new 2020 algorithm, Instagram has decreased the reach of many of these accounts and influencers. This is a fact for many growing influencers of Instagram. There are many disadvantages too of this influencers revolution. One of the biggest is the race for the increased number of followers, likes, comments, etc.

The failure to do so had has caused many to switch to create content that is not suitable for the general public. The thing is that the revolution has spread at such a quick pace that everyone now wants to be an influencer. For this, they need followers, that many people want as quickly as possible.

Indeed the revolution is a great blessing but, only if used with caution and increased sensitivity. Those who influence a larger base should promote the content or product they believe in. Instagram is indeed one of the biggest platforms that have given voice to many who have been quiet for a long. Many hidden artists have come out and now, talent and creativity are the voices that are heard everywhere.