Top 10 Classic Poses You Can Never Go Wrong With

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Photography and the art of capturing portraits have changed over the years. With the ever-changing landscape of Instagram and its influencer culture, people focus on putting out quality content daily. Now since Instagram is a visual platform, many influencers have resorted to learning and enhancing their skills in capturing pictures. From having a friend to click all your pictures to taking self-portraits, there are multiple ways to rock that Instagram picture. But is there really a winner pose that can help us achieve that? Mansi Ugale, a model and social media influencer, is here to save the day with her aesthetic self-portraits that she has achieved to take all by herself. Let’s see how she can inspire us today. 
The Mirror Portrait
These portraits are extremely aesthetic. The picture is mostly taken over the shoulder or from somewhere behind the subject. The lighting for this could also be adjusted to look more retro. If anything, this will bring out real Hollywood vibes. You wait and watch while your Instagram blows up with likes and comments. Mansi, in her picture, has used a yellow light to give the image a vintage and classy look.    
The Squat 
Now, this is one pose that Instagram cannot get enough of. Be it men or women; this one seems to work for all. This particular pose is also inspired by street dancers and musicians where the artists were seen squatting, and thus this became the new cool. This pose helps accentuate the legs and suits best when you want to flaunt those super cool shoes of yours.
Against the wall
The wall can be an amazing element to the frame, and Instagramers seem to be obsessed with such poses. The pose is quite minimal as one could just be leaning against the wall, and the shot can pretty much be taken from any angle and give amazing results. And sometimes, don’t we just come across a wall that is too beautiful to not be captured? Well, put yourself in the frame too, and witness your comment section blow up with compliments. 
Low angles
This has to be my favorite. Pictures captured from a lower angle are best when it comes to incorporating beautiful backdrops. It will also make you look taller, and don’t even get me started on the fabulous travel pictures that can be shot using this technique. Mansi has effectively portrayed how you do not really have to strike a complicated pose in order to be owning that picture, and it can always be something simple. 
Colour Coordinated Props
 Often, it is not just the poses that make a picture amazing, and it is just the right combination of props that work well in incorporating all the elements in the frame. We see Mansi experimenting with those bright yellow mangoes while she is wearing a yellow top. The elements in the frame are in complete harmony. Try to keep it subtle and not extremely obvious as that would just become mundane and blend the props as well as the subject in the frame.  
Lying down
The lying-down pose is something that we’ve often seen in high-end fashion magazines and always wanted to replicate for ourselves. Well, throw in that confidence along with a beautiful dress and channel the supermodel within you. This shot can be a little tricky as it may require a stable camera stand or a friend who can help you with it, but the result is sure to be amazing, so give it a try.
The Sun Shadow
The sun is the best natural form of natural light that an Instagrammer is also keen on using for their pictures. The yellow tone will give a gorgeous glow to the skin and will definitely not disappoint. Now imagine having a prop like a leaf or flowers adding a shadow to your portrait. That’ll give a nice tropical effect to the picture.  
The Sky Effect
Now, this is something that I’ve only recently discovered. The sky is just neutral enough to put you in focus and also colourfully aesthetic enough to give your pictures something extra. The camera should be at a lower angle for this to work perfectly with the subject. This pose also tends to highlight one’s shoulder, mixing all the sky’s colors and the outfit quite elegantly. 
Pop of Colour Background
Mansi has repeatedly proved that one does not necessarily need an expensive studio background to be clicking amazing pictures. She often uses a pretty-looking piece of clothing as her background. Now wouldn’t it just be amazing to have a pop of colour in the background while you dress in neutrals? Many people try to do the exact opposite of it with a neutral background and the subject in an array of colours, but that’s just plain basic. Do experiment a little. 
The Flower Arrangement
This again might seem more of a prop choice than a pose, but just thinking of all the focus that it’ll give to those fabulous facial features, it’s hard to pass on. You can be quite innovative with the choice of flowers, camera angle as well as lights. The background could be quite minimal with all the light on your face, and the flowers will definitely take care of the rest.  

There you go. Bring on that glam in your pictures by trying out all these techniques and poses. After all, there is nothing better than a gorgeous-looking picture to boost one’s confidence. And while you’re at it, do not forget to thank Mansi Ugale for all the inspiration she has bestowed upon the internet.
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