“Top 10 female comics and influencers making us roll on the floor with their content”

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Instagram can definitely feel like an overwhelming space due to an endless pool of random acquaintances sharing too much content just to increase the count of followers. In the millennium era where every other person carries their own persona, and use this platform to showcase what they’re best at. Today, people use social media to refresh their moods. If you know who to follow, you can transform your feed from eye-roll-inducing to laugh-out-loud funny-and that’s where these ladies come in. They deliver social fun in the form of memes, illustrations, ironic photos and self-deprecating jokes. Yes, you guessed it right! Here we are talking about female comic stars of Instagram, who not only have a progressive approach towards their content, but with their great sense of humour, they hold the title of comedy divas. 

So without further ado, here are some of our favourite female comedians who are absolutely smashing it on Instagram right now- you can thank me later! 
Kusha Kapila
Kusha Kapila has emerged as one of the best comedians by being the girl with a wit pouring her talent out in the world. From socially conscious content creation to puncturing racism, homophobia, body positivity and other social ills, she covers everything. She is the most famous social media comedian with 1.6 Million Instagram followers who daily look up to her content. Fans are getting to see more of Kapila and her comic self instead of just her characters like the super-rich socialite Billi, the inappropriate and nosy Zulmi Aunty, and typical Indian mother Gurri di Mummy. Kapila had a quiet, middle class low key childhood, growing up in north Delhi away from the glamour of the main city. Her idea of stable life was to study and build a stable life, she worked in many jobs but the tables turned when she took up the job at IDiva by times group— one of the largest media company she was a content creator and writer for. She wanted to be more accessible and less intellectual in her content which worked wonders when they came up with astonishingly realistic, mostly improvised spoofs of Delhi’s rich and elite, and made Kapila a sensation.
Dolly Singh
A girl who hails from Nanital worked hard to make her way into the industry and landed up a job in IDiva with her remarkable performances. She drew her way to become the most sensational comedian on social media. Yes, we are talking about our very own Raju ki Mami, Dolly Singh with 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she has an immense fan base. She played the mom in a ‘types of moms’ video, which led to even more videos coming through her way with quality content. Her ‘Raju ki mummy’ character, based on her mother, is a forever hit. Eventually, she ascertained more of her talents and characters she could play, and her fandom increased as she became Angel Priya, Zeenat Baaji and our favourite Guddi Bhabhi.
Dolly Singh is an unfiltered person which is evident by her content and her social presence. The girl has a rock-solid personality with a strong point of view matched with perfect sarcasm.  Stuck in her daydreaming, to make all of it happen in real life, Dolly Singh is indeed the best inspiration.
Shrishti Dixit
Shrishti Dixit has become an internet sensation. Her exceptional sense of humour with hilarious video content delivered by her is the current talk of the town. Shrishti is admired a lot because of her unique personality. She started creating videos for BuzzFeed which grabbed the attention of the audience.She is a ‘cat women’ even her Instagram username says that loud. Shrishti holds 665k followers on Instagram and believes in creating content that connects her to the regular audience, is relatable, and very much youth-driven. The way she acts and delivers dialogues is simply flawless and filled with sass. She has been garnering popularity over the years as people find her content very interesting. 
Saloni Gaur
Saloni Gaur, a Delhi University student and a comedian, is a popular face on social media.Since November 2019, Saloni gaur has taken the internet by storm with her short comedy videos in less time. The nazma appi character played by her catapulted the 21-year-old to social media fame.
Today this sensation has her show on Sonyliv called ‘uncommon sense’.
Currently, she has 554k followers and her platter is filled with many hilarious characters, apart from Nazma Aapi, Gaur has also assumed characters of Pados Wali Aunty, Aadarsh Bahu, DU Wali Didi and Desi Mom, all of whom are middle-class women, to create observational videos on everyday life. Saloni’s jokes are always laced with sarcasm and irony; she has covered a long way in her comic journey. Saloni Gaur made it to the list of Entrepreneur India’s 35Under35 list of 2021. Bravo girl!
Aishwarya Mohanraj
Aishwarya Mohanraj, one of India’s best comedians made her name in such a competitive arena. Her first gig was at a cafe in Mumbai for which she prepped for a month in front of the mirror before she stepped on stage and it was a hit show. She has a versatile personality from being an exclusive comedian to being a successful YouTuber, writer and storyteller and what not! She often talks about hush-hush topics on her social media profile as well as in her regular stand up acts. On this observation, Zivame had roped in comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj for a quirky campaign on T-shirt bras. In the campaign film, Aishwarya performed a short standup act, detailing real-life challenges and embarrassment faced by women due to bra outlines and how it restricts their choice of outwear.
Aishwarya has a huge following on Instagram with 370k followers which are increasing day by day.
Urooj Ashfaq
Addicted to a good laugh? Then let’s have a look at our eye-candy comedian in the list— none other than Urooj Ashfaq. At such a tender age she has gained a lot of popularity through her unique content.  Ashfaq is a prominent face among the rising comic stars in India. She is well-known for her dark and absurd humour. She has also worked as a comedy content writer for shows like ‘son of abish’, ‘die trying’ and for many videos of all India bakchod (AIB). Although she is a talented writer, her forte is stand-up comedy. Apart from stand-up comedy, she is into many other platforms like acting as she believes in exploring her talents at their best. 
Shibani Bedi
She is an actor and writer by day, and a wannabe vigilante by night.  Most of us know her from her famous character – Prabha didi. Shibani Bedi is a woman with multiple roles. She has acted in several viral videos, ad films, and short films. Bedi is also a voice-over artist and an ex-journalist.Let’s take a look at her best-played characters as a comedian Prabha Didi: ‘Haaye Raaam’! Prabha didi has issues with the most normal things in the world and her take on those is hilarious and unmissable.
Punjabi Mom: This character is an absolute favourite and totally relatable. Anyone who has lived in a Punjabi household or observed one from a distance knows how aptly she depicts it. The dramatic Punjabi mom sounds she makes perfectly complements her hilarious act. This followed by couple of tales, bringing life to food creative content which is relatable with our everyday life and many more videos which gave us our LOL moments and we connect instantly to it. She has over 156k followers on Instagram and the number is growing day by day. 
Prashasti Singh
There is a different flavour in her comedy as her inspiration is her own life tragedies. It seems she simply has to go up on stage, talk about the tragedies of her life, and she’ll have the audience in splits. She makes it look as easy as that. ‘No I am not Joking’ she has pulled this off many times in her hours. For engineer-turned-stand-up comic Prashasti Singh, her new-found craft is all about being honest and talking of things that she has experienced in life. The idea has worked pretty well for her. With 105k active followers on Instagram, it is evident that her comedy role has clicked with the audience. She has an active sense of humour which is brilliant with perfect timing. Prashasti Singh is going places and it’s just the beginning for this rockstar. More laughs, fame, and power to you, girl!
Supriya Joshi
Yeah! That’s our Supriya Joshi aka supaar women with 92.2k followers on Instagram. This bubbly chick is the cutest of all. This comedian is well known for her fierce attitude and always talks about the importance of loving yourself, positivity and how to tackle body shaming.  Eager to debunk long-standing ideals of beauty, Joshi hopes to engage the audience in conversations regarding the importance of loving oneself and accepting who we really are. Supriya Joshi is a writer, stand-up comedian and an expert in her comic timing. Watch her special, Love Hurts, on Netflix. She is a role model for all the girls who think that shamers can take them down just because they feel insecure but not in Supriya’s style. Embrace what you are, who you are and what you can be. 
Shreeja Chaturvedi
The next big thing! Shreeja Chaturvedi in such a short period after her comicstaan stint has become quite a name in this industry. She is well-known for her straight face comedy. Due to her nervous energy, her comedic style is called ‘deadpan’. So far Shreeja Chaturvedi has worked in Bollywood and her artwork has been released in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil language OTT originals. Enamoured by the craft, she knew she’d end up in this space.
This is the round-up of the article. One thing that we know for sure is that after giving it a read, you’re surely going to check the feeds of all these amazing ladies mentioned above. Keep laughing!