Top 15 Fashion Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Published by Anshika Kheria on

We live in a world where there are hacks available for almost everything. Life hacks can make your life much easier and are there in all walks of life. It’s basically a shortcut or a trick to make something easier and more efficient. Likewise, fashion hacks help you in reshaping classic patterns and redefine the design.
There are various influencers on social media giving all types of fashion hacks. Megha Seehra is an Indian Instagram star, an actor, model, singer, YouTuber, and is known for her radiant beauty. She loves making fashion reels and videos.
15 Fashion Hacks by Megha Seehra-
How to turn a Top Handle Bag into A backpack:
This is a very trending hack where Megha is showing how to turn a top handle bag into a backpack very clearly and conveniently. She just unbuckled the strap from one end and made it pass through the handle of the bag and then wore it like a backpack. This hack helped many people in easily carrying their handbags.
How to make a chic knot in your outfit:
In this hack, she shows how to make your outfit look more elegant. The procedure for this is very simple: tie a knot with the short end of the belt and make a loop then hold the long end of the belt and take it through the loop to form another loop and continue doing that until you reach the end. In the end, put on a brooch to make it look more elegant.
How to Style an oversized shirt & jeans:
Since wearing oversized clothes is trendy. Megha depicted it in a very easy and fashionable manner. Follow these simple steps, take the end of the shirt and tie a knot at the back. After that you can take any silk scarf and then place it over the top button of your shirt and fasten the button. Now, tie a knot at the back and tuck inside your jeans. This hack will make you look both smart and elegant.
How to style an oversized t-shirt:
Megha is always trying new things and coming up with the best ideas so as in the last hack we talked about styling an oversized shirt now we’ll see how to style an oversized t-shirt. For this hack, you need a buckle of the belt you don’t use anymore and then gather your t-shirt from the corner then take it through the buckle after that take it through your belt loop and tuck it inside your jeans. This will give a whole new look to a casual t-shirt.
How to make a flower knot on a tie collar:
Adding a flower to your outfit is always a good idea to embrace the feminine beauty inside you and this hack will help you do that. Simply grab the loose strings of your top, braid them, make double loops and pull them out from the other end to give them a shape of a flower. 
How to style those shrugs in your wardrobe that you never wear:
Everyone has certain clothes in their wardrobe which they never wish to wear, generally because they are out of fashion. Megha came up with a solution to this by suggesting a way to style those waterfall shrugs lying in your wardrobe. The first way is converting it into a cape top with the help of a bangle and the second way to style it is by making it a fitted top with a bangle detail in between. Go try out these two amazing styles.
How to style your husband’s/ Boyfriend’s/ brother’s t-shirt:
Some girls love to wear a guy’s clothes. So how to make it look stylish and not baggy? No worries, Megha is here to help you with this, hold the t-shirt and make horizontal pleats and secure it with a hair tie. A super chic way to make it look stylish.
How to style a silk scarf:
Here are two ways in which you can style your silk scarf. First one, take a square-shaped scarf then take two sides and tie a knot and now take the lower side and turn it inside out, twist and tie a knot at the back it will turn into a beautiful crop top you can also wear a waistcoat to make it look more elegant. The second style is, loosen the knot from both sides and place one side inside the waistcoat then secure it with a belt
How to drape a heavy dupatta traditionally:
To all the Indian clothes lovers out there, carrying a heavy dupatta and making it look stylish at the same time is a task. Here’s how you can drape it, take one side of the dupatta and pin it, take the other side, make pleats, and carefully place the pleats on the shoulder then pin it. Now take the backside of the dupatta and pin it again, you can wear a belt to make it look more fashionable. This style gives you freedom of movement and shows off your beautiful dupatta.
How to recycle your belts to transform your clothes:
People usually have a belt collection which they don’t wear anymore. Megha presents a cool way to recycle them and transform your clothes. In this hack, use the buckle of your belt to upgrade a boring shirt and at the same time, you can use it to make a crop top that would look super cool and chic.
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