Top 15 Monochromatic Outfits You Can Never Go Wrong With


From busy Mondays to lazy Sundays, monochromatic outfits would fail to disappoint you if styled them the right way. Well, to define monochromatic outfits, I would go by both book and brain. Mono stands for single, and chromatic means colour. To summarize, an outfit styled all the way from top to bottom in a single solid colour is a monochromatic outfit. In these trendy times, such outfits make sure that the person looks sophisticated yet simple.

While we are talking about how magnificent monochromatic outfits make you look, Leisha Patidar’s charm surely cannot be ignored. She is a YouTuber and a Model based in Mumbai with 325k Instagram followers. Her choice and grace in styling monochromatic outfits just cannot be overlooked. On her Youtube Channel, she talks about how she chose and styled a clothing material right from scratch locally
The outfit inspiration came from Pinterest, and she was so mesmerized that she needed one just the same way. From choosing the material to designing the outfit, everything was done cost-effectively.
Without further ado, let’s hop into the top 15 magnificent monochromatic outfits that just cannot go wrong.
Bluish Beauty
They say that blue symbolizes serenity. It’s just noteworthy how enchantingly Leisha has portrayed serenity with utmost sincerity. A colour that goes up from sea to sky surely was justified in this classy look.  Regardless of the trend, I must confess that this shade of blue is just apt for all times.
Prettily Pink
Shades of Pink can never go out of style because the eyes cannot ignore the ambiance. And when it’s a monochromatic pink Saree, well, you must consider having one without fail. Pink presents affection, a form of love that makes us fall for it every single time. It nurtures womanhood like no other colour.
Radiating Red
Well, going the monochromatic way doesn’t always mean sticking to one shade. Rather, it is about exploring various tints and hues.  Red is the colour of love and command. It strongly allures exemplary intricacies with a bold look. A colour that makes a person fall for oneself is here in the form of this subtly strong Saree.
Yellow? YES!
One thing that no one would disagree with is that every colour comes with a different aura. It’s like every colour symbolizes every other mood of yours. Just the same way, yellow is like a colour of hope in the world of chaos. It shines like the sun and personifies warmth.
Beacon the Black
The way black conceals and commands, no other colour stands a chance to.  It’s perhaps that monochrome which is found in every wardrobe. The simple sophistication that a black outfit gives out shows how wrong we were all this time when we attached negative connotations with this bold colour.
Get The Grey Right Away
In the world of black and white, I fell for grey. I feel that grey is more like a balanced colour that radiates maturity and calmness. A neutral tone that Leisha styled just the right way. My honest suggestion would be to just go and get grey right away.
Merrily Maroon
Something so intense and passionate like maroon deserves a special section in your wardrobe. It’s like a complex colour to me, which is also quite deep. Probably the best to show the reserved nature of complexity with a tinge of intimation.
Precious Purple
Well, Purple is just royal, especially this wine berry shade that intrigued me to read more about it.  The audacity of purple is evident right from the first sight. When blended with different hues, purple still shines. A monochromatic purple shines just more.
Grab Army Green
Army Green, well, this shade may not be a common one, but surely it is a go-get one. The shade that would make you feel the sophistication around yourself. Not to forget green resonates with our mother nature.
White won’t Whine
Hey, you cannot miss white, right? Because you don’t want your life to be like food without salt. This piece of peaceful outfit has my heart and is highly recommended for the best of wardrobes.
Ohh Orange!
The aura of enthusiasm is already in the air with the sight of this outfit. It drew my attention right away, and now you’re gonna fall for it too. The warmth it radiated will last longer than usual and make you say Ohh! Orange..
Teal or Tension?
 Wear teal and reverse the tension. With a tinge of blue and pinch of green, teal has come with qualities of both the monochromes. The way it symbolizes nature and stream is worthy enough for having it.
Go Green
They say that nurture the nature and nature is green. What I want to conclude here is that green nurtures your soulful orbs. It is said to be one of the most relaxing colours that heal your eyes. It won’t be justice to your wardrobe if this shade of green that Leisha has draped isn’t with you.
Bring the Beige
Often while styling with different colours, you must have seen that Beige comes to the rescue more often than any other. But, imagine all beige or just look at Leisha in all Beige. Isn’t it amazing to see our flexibly favourite shade being the main course and not a side dish?
Very Violet
Oh, the royalty again! People say that violet creates magic. This outfit that Leisha has left me besotted. The vibe of dignity and pride is all over this colour, and I must say that this colour will not fail you.

We saw how various monochromes deserve a place in our wardrobes, but one thing that caught my attention about Leisha is how she promotes getting outfits locally. Often she has talked about how her outfits are stitched by local tailors. We can see that even when the outfit is not tagged with a brand, it still sparkles. Not to forget, the cost-effectiveness is noteworthy. Our local tailors deserve applause for this.
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