Top 5 amazing health transformation journeys on Instagram.

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With the advancements in science and technology,  our daily activities have got limited to our chair and to the screen.We spend hours sitting in one place. Along with that , have arrived unhealthy habits like munching on unhealthy snacks. All these result in adverse effects on one’s physique, with or without them realizing it. However, some people took the multiple lockdowns as a chance to transform their bodies with adequate exercise and diet. From those arose hundreds of weight loss transformation stories that shook the internet. The main reason to join a fitness journey on Instagram is to influence and encourage a million others to start their own fitness journey. Mentioned below are the best weight loss journeys on Instagram 2020, alongside the nutrition influencers India, health and wellness Instagram Influencers India, and many more. Let’s get started.
Nupuur Patil
She is one of the top nutrition influencers on Instagram in India. Whether it is a fitness regime, a diet, or just an inspiration you are looking for, Nupuur Patil has got everything for you. Without any tinge of hesitation, she flexes her ‘now and then photos, and says, “the most important thing here is TO START”. If you open her Instagram page, you will get to see the people who benefitted from her, her own journey, and everything you need to get up and start maintaining your body!
Dr. Shikha Singh
Have you noticed how we, the Indians trust in everything that a doctor says! Thus in order to stay fit, we should keep Dr.Shikha Singh close, instead of following the famous saying, ‘an apple a day keeps a doctor away! On visiting her profile, you can see the comments on her posts filled with positivity, which can encourage you to follow her course, which includes stories from other Instagram about their weight loss transformation in 3 months and even less. She makes videos on Youtube, which can give you direct benefits.
Lucy Lismore
A young girl who will take you on the journey she had followed to get her weight loss of 30 kg at home. Many of us feel reluctant to visit a gym or to go on a run, but we love the comfort of our own homes. That is what Lucy Lismore gives to you with her amazing advice. She stresses how it is necessary for one’s effort to be linear, otherwise, it is impossible to reach one’s goal. She normalizes eating carbs and emphasizes the importance of balancing the meals instead of cutting down on meals. It keeps the mind and body equally healthy.
Suri Noti
A young lad, with a boy-next-door attitude who will motivate young men to get back in shape! He says “it’s been one year that I started my transforming journey, with all your support I have achieved many things apart from physique”-which suggests how he likes to maintain a friendly relationship with his followers, and may just provide you with the inspiration to go to the gym and start eating healthy.
Ekansha Taneja
With compelling reels, ‘now and then’ pictures, and advice videos, the guy will make you believe what is achievable with exercise and diet control. His posts are detailed and show the life you can get with healthy body proportions. His profile will even provide you with weight loss Instagram post ideas if you begin your own transformation journey.

Mention above are the best health Instagram accounts 2020, that will get you up from your chair and inspire you to achieve a healthy body!
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