Top 5 Influencers Changing The Narrative With Body Positivity

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For years Indian society has made sure to make people aware of what about them doesn’t fit the societal standards. Too tall, too skinny and their favourite – too fat. There has been a growing conversation around breaking the stereotypical standards of beauty and promoting the very normal and diverse range of bodies. No matter how much people disagree, influencers have been a driving force to bring this topic into our day to day conversations. They flaunt everything that they have been shamed for with confidence. So many people have overcome their self-image issues after seeing people like them in limelight. Here are the top 5 body influencers you should check out now:
A force to be reckoned with. She is unapologetically herself and has always talked about unrealistic beauty standards. A woman with strong opinions. Even after being abused and harassed almost on a daily basis, she has never stepped back. A feminist who has always advocated for self-love. Her confidence is so attractive, and she holds it like a trophy. She makes sure to start a conversation that should have started long back.
The fashion industry is now adapting itself to plus size fashion. Better late than never. In a world where there’s still limited options for curvy women, Vishakha is a fashionista with amazing outfit inspirations. Her style has always been effortlessly elegant. She is a co-founder for Angrakhaa and Carpe Diem by Nevi which promotes styling for plus size women. The main motive of these brands is to be ethical and inclusive. 
With a cover on Harper’s Bazaar and a Cosmopolitan Blogger Award, there’s no stopping this sunshine of a person. A smile so beautiful and a fashion sense so exquisite, Sakshi’s profile is not something that anyone should miss out on. She is trendy, bold and not afraid to be herself. She inspires women out there to be comfortable in whatever they are wearing. In one of her posts she talked about how people have been conditioned to feel a certain way about their bodies and none of it is has to do with themselves. Touching upon the roots of the issue, she is making sure to do her part in spreading awareness.
Co-owner with Vishakha for Carpe Diem by Nevi, Neelakshi has been promoting body positivity for quite a long time. She talked about how walking the ramp with other models was one of the redefining moments for her. She feels like it’s her duty as an influencer to voice out her opinions and break stereotypes, especially when so many people including young girls look up to them.
Even with plus size fashion, there has always been chatter of what accentuates and suits their body, what doesn’t. Tanesha believes that style has no size and women can wear anything they feel confident and comfortable in irrespective of their size. She puts together different outfits for different occasions and honestly it’s so fun to see those. Her style is what anybody can put together for themselves. In one of her very inspirational post, she talked about her journey from hating what she looked like to loving herself. She touched upon her eating disorders and how the GWC community has helped her.

Even though we have walked a long way, there’s still a big journey ahead of us. These influencers are making sure they are pushing people to put their foot forward in the right direction.
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