Top 7 Content Creators Who Proved That Age Is Just A Number

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Social media influencing is the art of modern times. This art knows no bounds.
These 7 incredible women over the age of 50 have proved that age is just a number. They are breaking new ground with every post. They are defying the norms of society and following their passion by becoming social media influencers.
Rajni ChandyRajni Chandy is a 69-year-old southern Indian actress, who has raised hackles where women still dress modestly as in a recent Instagram photoshoot, she was seen wearing everything from sarees, ripped jeans, denim dresses, to a jumpsuit. She is a former Big Boss Malayalam contestant who started acting at the age of 65 when she played the lead in Jude Anthany Joseph’s ‘Oru Muthassi Gadha’. She creates and posts content on her own YouTube channel. Although, she has to face a lot of criticism and negative comments from society, she handles it pretty well and doesn’t quit her passion. 
Manjri Varde: Manjri Varde is a painter by profession but has been widely called the fun, sassiest mother-in-law on the internet. According to stereotypes, a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law have a very difficult relationship but she successfully broke this stereotype. She makes and posts fun content with her daughter in law which is very rare in such a relationship. She has a very colorful and merry Instagram feed splashed with paints. She has a label Samanjri which promotes as ‘wearable art’, which combines her love for colors and art and extends it to digital printing on fabrics. It is a combination of various fabrics, calligraphies, and poetic chants that are all her creations.
Poonam Sapra: She is commonly known as ‘Mother with Sign’. She likes to make creative content by turning the taunts and tricks of desi moms into messages on cardboard. Her feed is full of such cardboard messages. She provides advice to youngsters and basically performs a role of an online mother on social media. Her account was initially started by her son Pranav. Now she spreads positivity and inclusivity among youngsters by making motivational content so that the world becomes a better place.
Dr. Padmavati Dua: Known as Chinna Dua, a famous influencer who we lost due to Covid19. She was a doctor, singer, and social media influencer. She had mastered the art of draping a saree and dressing up traditionally. People visited her page to learn how to carry a saree as gracefully and elegantly as she did. She enjoyed various other activities like baking and singing, she believed in following her dreams and learning new things every day. She was a gem of a person and a true inspiration to many.

Our very own chinnu dua recently left for heavenly abode but that hasn’t stopped us from cherishing the kind and zestful spirit she always showcased.
Ravi Bala Sharma: 62-year-old, Ravi Bala Sharma is the living example of age is just a number and widely known as ‘Dancing Dadi’. She got training as a kathak dancer and now has become a social media sensation. She dedicated her Instagram account to posting her dance videos with which she is winning the hearts of thousands. She dances to both Punjabi as well as traditional tracks effortlessly. Her mentor was her father and she is also professionally trained to play Tabla.  Her talent has even caught the eye of choreographers like Terrence Lewis. She has proved that talent has no age and one should follow their passion whenever they discover it, regardless of age.
Kanan Bala: Kanan Bala also known as ‘Mama-K’ is a foodaholic who loves cooking home-cooked meals. Her feed looks like culinary heaven as she has magic in her hands. She also has a homely touch to her dishes and can cook everything from traditional dishes to fancy ones. Too many people find her food page comforting as she has a motherly touch to it. She is loved by all and to her, Instagram is like an extended family.
Waheeda Rehman: Waheeda Rehman is an Indian actress and a classical dancer. She has been honored with Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan for her acting and has been regarded as Hindi Cinema’s most influential actress. Though she doesn’t have an official page on Instagram, she makes social media appearances through her daughter’s account. Some of her award-winning movies are Neel Kamal, Ram Aur Shyam, etc. she has varied interests like she is trained at wildlife photography and has a keen interest in water sports as well.
These influencers have proved that age is just a number and they are adored by the audience. It shows that our digital space is inclusive and welcoming for all. 
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