Top 7 Instagram bookstore to stack 2D hand classics

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Bookstagram is becoming extremely popular in India. In this vibrant arena, Indian reader communities have begun to bloom, attracting an active, engaged, and involved readership. Indian bookstagrammers have begun to capitalise on this captive audience by writing book reviews covering all genres, utilising aesthetically pleasing photographs, and asking thought-provoking questions. In this compilation, seven bookstagrammers discuss their bookstagram journeys and favourite books. For amazing book recommendations, follow them on Instagram.
bookworm tigress launched her Instagram profile to prevent going insane and to recover from the long hours she worked in the IT business. Planning her feed provides her with a sense of calm and control, which has shown to be helpful. Bookstagram has allowed her to explore genres and read books she would not have read otherwise, as well as to grow as a reader and a person. She enjoys novels with a coming-of-age theme, books that make her uncomfortable, books that challenge preconceptions, and books that make her see things from a new perspective. Gillian Flynn, J.K. Rowling, and Anuja Chauhan are among her favourite authors.

Mridula’s goal is to deliver brief book evaluations on a wide range of genres. Historical fiction, adult fantasy, and contemporary romance are her go-to genres. But she’ll eat anything if it’s interesting to her. K R Meera, Katherine Arden, Leigh Bardugo, and Riley Sager are among her favourite authors.
Resh Susan began using Instagram as a distraction during a difficult time in her life. Instagram proved to be a rabbit hole, or more accurately, a Wonderland. She was ecstatic to find so many individuals who shared her interests and had fantastic book recommendations. She was discovering new publishers (Persephone, Slightly Foxed, New Directions), reading new authors (Dunya Mikhael, Eileen Chang, Dacia Maraini), discovering underappreciated novels, swapping ideas, and even growing nostalgic about childhood favourites (St. Clare series, Nancy Drew, Anne Of Green Gables). She reads a variety of genres, including magical realism (her favourite), dystopian, and literary fiction, as well as short tales and translated literature.
Padmaja created her account because she wanted to meet other individuals who shared her passion for reading. She has a sweet spot for translated works of literature. Haruki Murakami, Sudha Murty, Arupa Patangia Kalita, Perumal Murugan, PL Deshpande, Nadia Hashimi, and Fredrik Backman are among her favourite authors. She reads novels in three languages: English, Marathi, and Hindi.
Neelam Sharma and Apoorv Sharma (no, they are not related) love to read – the sheer sight of books makes them joyful. They sincerely believe in the transforming power of reading and its potential to elevate and transfer a person to the wonderful realm of words. It’s been almost two years since they founded Booxoul. The experiences they have received and the relationships they have met as a result of bookstagram are priceless.
Shalini Singh claims her Instagram account ‘Belladonna of lavender’ is a pseudonym she came up with in high school, all because it’s an intriguing plant with a lethal feature. Her page lacks any sort of theme and is as unique as her username. She includes books, ideas, poems, memes, quotations, and anything else that will not only impress but also inspire you.
Mir Khubaib created his page at the random back when bookstagram wasn’t too popular. He now likes communicating with readers from all around the world and hearing their perspectives. His page contains a collection of books he intends to read, recent purchases, favourite reads, and current readings. He began by reading nonfiction and then progressed to fiction. He likes to read modern literary fiction but will read anything from sports anthologies to political philosophies to romance. He mostly reads in English, but he can also read in Hindi and Urdu. He has read everything written by Arundhati Roy, Agatha Christie, JK Rowling (and Robert Galbraith), Dan Brown, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Orhan Pamuk, Jeffrey Archer, and Khaled Hosseini. He’s been reading authors like Margaret Atwood recently.

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