Top 7 Sustainable Instagram Thrift Stores You Should Check Out to Up Your Fashion Game

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If there are two very important things that I have learnt from the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, they are – No amount of shopping is too much shopping, especially when you come across some really pretty, chic, and vintage clothes that you know will set you miles apart from the rest of the crowd, and sometimes what they promise you in the shops isn’t necessarily how the clothes turn out to be. But do you know what’s common between these two? The amount of money that needs to invested – sometimes, you spent your money faster than The Flash running from one end of the city to another so you sulk and wait till the next time your account gets credited, and sometimes you just don’t want to spend a lot on clothes whose quality just doesn’t do justice to the price being charged. Well, that’s where thrift stores swoop in and save your day.

In case you are unaware of the concept of thrift shopping, let me walk you through it. Dubbed as “sustainable fashion”, thrift shopping is a concept where stores sell previously owned and loved items at a much cheaper price. The concept is similar to flea markets, except that thrift stores have a collection that is fairly rare, and they sell out faster than the blink of an eye! In short, it’s of the people, for the people, by the people.

Yes, I know you are waiting to discover all the thrift stores that we have for you to take your fashion game a notch higher. So without further ado, here are 10 sustainable Instagram thrift stores that you need to check out right now! 
If you love the perfect combination of boho and classy, then Label Society is the place for you. After years of sharing the love for aesthetic and vintage clothing, founders Aastika Marwaha and Geetanjali Singh decided that it was about time to spread the same love in the wider community. Label Society carefully handpicks, curates, and brings to you a large variety of outfits to flaunt from. Vogue magazine who? Who would know that these very dedicated girls started their venture just about five months ago! Head over to their page, and grab your favourite outfits before someone else outruns you!
You are a strong, independent woman. But do you know what else would spice up the magical aura that you radiate? Some very elegant vintage outfits. Meet Folkpants. A venture established in and being run from Ukhrul, Manipur by two sisters, Folkpants is not just a thrift store, it is a repository of countless stories that have inspired the founders, and via them, the people who have accepted Folkpants as a part of their lives. An ardent follower of sustainable and slow fashion, the sisters at Folkpants bring the classic mix of both previously loved vintage fits, and contemporary local products, all from their hometown and everywhere else they travel to. Want to see more of their products? Go take a look at their Instagram store now!
“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?” I don’t know if you heard the mirror speak, but it smiled as it replied, “The one who is reading this article.” What can I say? The mirror decides who the prettiest woman is. And this pretty lady should own some really pretty clothes. Say hello to Mirror Mirror, your one-stop shop for cute outfits for all occasions. Brunch with friends? A movie? Date night? Picnic with the squad? A formal event? Mirror Mirror has got you covered! Started in October 2020 by Evelyn, Mirror Mirror has a wide range of pre-loved cloths, starting from peppy tops and dresses, to formal and semi-formal outfits, so you have something for every event that you are a part of. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the store now!
Three things I love about Mumbai – Marine Drive, Sea-link Road, and Vada Pav. But recently, a fourth member entered the list, Mumbai Thrifts. All my guy friends always complain how they don’t have a lot of options to choose from, so their wardrobe always ends up looking vanilla. Well, that’s no one’s fault if you don’t expand your tastes, is it? But being the good friend that I am, let me introduce you to Mumbai Thrifts, a rather amazing unisex thrift store with only the coolest collection of vintage, upskilled outfits! That’s right, everyone gets to upgrade their wardrobe with these very boho collection that Mumbai Thrift has to offer. Started in 2019, by Yash Gaikwad and Saloney Pandit, Mumbai Thrifts upcycles cloths from local vendors in Mumbai and then ships them pan-India. Oh, and they also have merch from some of the world’s most famous and most loved bands and musicians. So men, stop complaining, start purchasing from Mumbai Thrifts!
Now, I am not usually a jealous person, but if someone were to ask me one thing that I am really jealous of, it would be how men have the option of wearing as little as they want to during summer, and us ladies can’t really do that. But you know what cured my jealousy? The Lil’ Closet. If you are someone like me who loves to wear light and breezy cloths not just in summer, but whenever the weather permits, then The Lil’ Closet is your Haven. Venturing into sustainable shopping via thrifting in October 2020, The Lil Closet helps bring to you the cutest and the trendiest outfits – for movies, shopping, beach visits – you name it, they have it. They also have AMAZING lingerie and I guarantee you that you’ll be bowled over with excitement. So, are you there on their page yet?
How many times have you visited a trendy chain fashion store, but you walked out seconds later because everything was priced over the top? Well, worry no more, for we bring you Thriftiness! Started by 22-year old Ashna Chand in February 2021 (yes, that’s right, just three months ago!), Thriftiness has grown a lot with its top-notch quality of thrifted cloths. Ashna, passionate about thrifting since her teenage days, finally decided to go ahead with her very own business and has been making wonders ever since. Don’t believe me? Go check out Thriftiness yourself!
Do you, like me, spend hours and hours obsessing over looks and outfits on Pinterest? Do you also love adding a vivid mix of vibrant colors to your wardrobe? Then come, take a look at Vintage Hiraeth. Ritikaa Yadav’s incredible thrift store is a dream come true for everyone who loves having a boho or hipster vibe in their wardrobe. And guess what? Vintage Hiraeth comes with gender fluid and plus-sized outfits as well! That’s how we know just how wonderful the store is. Run and grab some wonderful outfits for yourself, and be the cool hipster you had always wanted to be! 

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I have definitely been drooling ever since the time I have been writing about these mind-blowing thrift stores. In fact, I would be surprised if someone told me otherwise. The founders of these stunning thrift stores have not only been bringing to the community some really sensational and trendy outfits, but they are also educating people the value and the need for thrifting and sustainable fashion, something that is really helpful for the planet. Plus, like old books, pre-loved clothes have so many memories and stories woven into them, it’s almost as if you are living those memories yourselves. So while I take your leave, I want you guys to head over and check out these beautiful thrift stores and give them a try!
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