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With top-level fashion and lifestyle bloggers and influencers bringing in huge sums of money with single posts and publishes, this field has witnessed a sudden surge in self-proclaimed fashion experts starting personal style websites and blogs. But not all of them have sustained this initial wave of popularity, with most succumbing to the sheer savage nature of the Internet.
There are some bloggers though, who stand out among this jungle of beauty and clothing-based popularity seeking stylists. They are separated from others for their uniqueness, honesty and re-watchability. Scroll down to get to know more about the contenders for the top spot in the fashion blogosphere. 

Stephanie Timmins

With about 325k followers, Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram. But it is not as if she has reached this stage without having done anything. One look at her feed makes you realize the lively range of colours and clothes that she tends to wear. Couple that with her travel and lifestyle sense and it is easy to understand why she is one of the most in-demand influencers today. Her YouTube channel displays a wide variety of make-up, hair and skincare tutorials which are really attractive and easy for all to understand. She is of mixed parentage and has Anglo-Indian, Chinese, Parsi and Chinese heritage, so she has experienced a wide range of cultures first-hand.
She is an experienced blogger, having actively written fashion and lifestyle blogs in the form of Feisty Fox Diaries for over 7 years. She is an entrepreneur at Feisty Fox, which is an online store of super chic accessories and clothing and also a director at Feisty Fox Events. She completed her education in management, marketing and related support services with first-class distinction from MMK College, Mumbai. 

Debashree Biswas

Having initially made her mark on the TV industry with Chandramukhi (2012) and Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Debashree has gradually performed the shift to fashion, travel, luxury and lifestyle blogging and vlogging. She is a YouTube content creator as well. Surf over to her channel and you will find a plethora of fashion-lifestyle-travel vlogs ranging from skincare routines to her visits to Darjeeling and Greece to cooking tutorials. Apart from this, Debashree has a blogging site named ‘Hashtag With Love’, where she actively uploads lifestyle blogs. What truly sets her apart from random everyday vloggers is the perfect combination of all these styles which she has executed to perfection. She has 313k followers on Instagram as of September 2020. 

Sonal Agrawal

Staying put for long in this increasingly competitive environment is a task in itself, but Sonal has not only managed to do that effortlessly, but with a certain flair most people can only dream of. Paired up with her wonderful imagination, she has brought about inspiring stories from different cultures around the world to create something really unique and insightful. She believes fashion reveals just as much about the culture of a place as does the food. Her 119k followers strong Instagram account covers the everyday happenings of the places she travels to as well.
Sonal is the founder and creative head of PinkPepperCorn, a fashion and beauty endeavour which aims to make fashion more interesting by fuelling it with the originality different cultures and stories. She won the Best Upcoming Blog Award at the IB Awards 2017. She is a post-graduate in luxury brand management from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy. She has accumulated over 9 years of experience as a brand strategist working in the advertising industry, besides having been a consumer insights miner specializing in fashion and luxury brands. 

Bhumika Thakkar

A solid presence on Instagram having 279k followers, Bhumika is a one of the most popular influencers out there. CA-turned-blogger and content creator with a huge reach in the fields of travel photography, fashion and beauty and lifestyle blogging and vlogging, she has definitely made a mark on social media with her regularly posted and published content full of vibrance and energy. The secret to her success is keeping it all fancy, yet simple.
Her travel vlogs mixed with a pinch of fashion and beauty techniques are wonderful to look at and there is a lot to learn and enjoy from them. Spanning across the world, her content is as enthusiastic today as it was at the beginning. Despite all the fame and reach, she is one of the humblest personalities you will ever see at this level.

Aiana Jain

Aiana is one of those rare content creators that manage to balance between multiple fields while delivering top-notch content on a consistent basis. She is primarily a style coach, content creator and blogger with a wide range including fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Not many have been able to find a formula to maintain this level, but Aiana sure has, as indicated by her 250k fanbase on Instagram. She has worked as a senior consultant in fashion and trends with leading women wear brands. She has also worked in collaboration with heavyweights like Titan and Masaba. She has been featured on platforms such as Times of India, Conde Nest Traveller and Zoom TV multiple times. She hails from Mumbai.
She tends to keep it real and original while also giving her touch with a mixture of Indian and Western fashion styles. Besides fashion, travel blogging is another one of her passions as one can observe on her Instagram handle. For her, no two days are alike since she is her own boss. This is what she thrives in.

Nidhi Kunder

Nidhi Kunder is a fashion and lifestyle, personal style blogger having 215k Instagram followers at the time of writing this article. She is the founder and creative director of The Chic Armoire, which she created back in 2015. She quite recently won the Palladium Spotlight Award for Best Fashion Blogger of the Year and was recognized as one of India’s Top 25 Fashion Bloggers by Times Glamour. She has also represented L’Oreal India as one their official bloggers. Her fashion style is characterized by her trademark alternating between Indian and Western styles, both of which she manages to successfully implement in her posts and on her website.
She holds a Master’s degree in MIS and Business Computing and Information Technology Project Management from The University of Westminster, London, which she graduated from in 2011.  She currently resides in Mumbai.

Aashi Adani

With a reach of over 150k people across all social media platforms and 133k on Instagram alone, Aashi cannot be neglected on a list of top Indian fashion influencers. She is an up-and-coming personal fashion, beauty and travel blogger and vlogger. She is the youngest member on this list, but her attitude and philosophy towards fashion display a maturity beyond her age. For her, fashion is not just a lifestyle, but a way of celebrating life. She took responsibility into her own hands from a very young age indeed, thus proving that she is well prepared to face any adversity that might come walking her way.
She started a fashion and beauty blog by the name Dress It Out, and later changed it to be eponymously named. Initially she only focused on fashion trends, but eventually started doing beauty tutorials as well which were well received. She completed her Bachelor’s from Lala Lajpat Rai College and has worked as a digital marketing expert at, while simultaneously doing her Master’s from HR College.

Shyam Tyagi

Another one of India’s leading men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, Shyam has a 113k follower stronghold on Instagram as well. His feed is full of fun and innovative ways to nail the perfect fashion outfit for any kind of situation. He started his work as fashion blogger as a part-time act around 4 years ago, handling it alongside his IT job. He eventually left the job to go full-time in what he loved despite losing even the weekend breaks which he could previously afford. He has a few men’s styling and grooming workshops to his credits. His fan base constitutes youngsters from all over the country. Simplicity and consistency are his USP.
Shyam’s blog, The Style Mirror, in his own words is about “fashion and trends” and that is all. He is good friends with Allen Claudius of Bowties & Bones, and openly states that Allen was the one who encouraged him to get into what he truly loved. He admires Nickelson Wooster and considers him to be an idol.


Notoriously identified as Miss Sinner, Shanaya is a DJ, blogger, vlogger, model and fashion enthusiast among other things. Being a 25-year old from Mumbai, she delved into the depths of high street fashion and style from a really young age. A day in the life of Shanaya revolves around every day fad, vogue, trends, products, running thoughts and inspirations, which can easily be seen on her Instagram account having 72.4k followers.
She holds a degree in management, besides having provided her skillset to powerhouse brands including Maybelline New York, L’Oreal Paris, Lakme, Vans and JBL. She has a solid presence in print media as well having been featured in Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Femina, Filmfare, Times of India, etc. She won the Most Hardworking Blogger award in Beauty and the Blogger (web series) and was also the Lakme Fashion Week Official Vlogger in 2014. Her main project, previously known as Little Miss Sinner, was created in May 2012 and is not just limited to beauty and fashion but is also a one-stop portal for lifestyle, travel, health, food and DIY. 

Riaan J. George

Riann is one an elegant men’s fashion content creator and luxury and lifestyle writer, having been in this industry for well over 16 years now. Being one of the oldest people on this list is all the more impressive. He has established himself as an authority on all things luxury, travel, food and style related. His YouTube channel depicts a lavish life through fun videos on style, cars, travel, watches, planes and more.
He runs Urban Eye, one of India’s top luxury blogs for top class business travellers. It is a stylish virtual magazine, handling all luxury subjects from boutique hotels to the latest designer collections. His experience as culture editor at L’Officiel India has only helped him further sharpen his “eye” on the world. Besides this, he is fluent in French, having completed his MA in French Language and Literature and European Studies from University of Mumbai and further polished it from Alliance Francaise de Paris. 

Allen Claudius

In his own words, he is a “socially awkward, bearded, fashion blogger”. In reality, he is much more than that. Those who have a keen interest in fashion blogging know very well how often fashion influencers tend to stray away from their true self. Allen Claudius is a different breed though. He focuses on sticking to his own niche and what he actually does and uses regularly, which is what separates him from other influencers. This is what happens when your idol is the legendary Nickelson Wooster.
His project Bowties & Bones has 15.9k followers on Instagram as of now. It specializes in sneakers, streetwear and men’s fashion in particular. Besides this, he was one of the 6 winners of India’s Best Dressed Men. He has been featured in multiple magazines in recent years, including GQ India and The Juice. He has previously collaborated with many high-profile brands like The Quirk Box, Nautica, Gant, Kiehl’s and many more. Besides being a fashion influencer, Allen is also a creative writer having worked in the UK for a long time, and currently working as creative director at STYLABS and Selfish brands.

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar

With the kind of positive attitude only few people could ever dream to have in life, Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar aka thechubbytwirler truly is what she claims to be, the “smasher of stereotypes”. For her, acceptance is the key. Despite all the backlash she might have received in her life, she is positivity embodied and stands tall above all her doubters, clearly stated by the 38k followers she has on Instagram. She creates fashion blogs on YouTube and is an active presence on TikTok as well.
Tanvi is a part-time model, fashion stylist, choreographer, voice-over artist, dancer and a blogger. She won the Top Social Influencer Award in 2019.

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