Top Indian resin artists on Instagram

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Resin Art has become the new stylish. As Instagram portals have expanded options for individuals to showcase their work, these resin painters from India have made their mark with their fantastic artworks! Artists nowadays have taken advantage of resin’s adaptability and surpassed canvas paintings. It operates along the same lines as fluid painting and is often poured on a substrate and let to dry in natural patterns.

Drikshita is a fluid artist, resin artist, and mandala artist located in Delhi. She offers both online and in-person workshops. Get your personalised fancy merch now. This Instagram account specialises in handcrafted resin items, ranging from intriguing charms to bespoke word jewellery, and resin rings to decorativ0e art pieces. Take your choice by scrolling through their Instagram feed or visiting their newly opened website for some unique items.
Srishti Jaiswal
Srishti Jaiswal is a self-taught artist who specialises in resin, acrylic, mandalas, home accessories, and décor. Follow her for some visual pleasure. Are you hoping for a flower power victory? This Instagram resin art account has mastered the technique of presenting full blooms most stunningly. There’s a lot here you don’t want to miss, from violets and bougainvillaea to various selections in between.
AMI is a doctor who also works as an artist, specialising in ink and resin. Elegant coasters, clocks, and a variety of other accessories are available. This Instagram resin art account has perfected the skill of exhibiting aesthetic hues and patterns most gorgeously. From whites to colours, there’s a lot here you don’t want to miss.
Kumar is a self-taught artist located in Bangalore who specialises in resin art. His work is inspired by natural echoes. Order some of Kumar’s wonderful merchandise. Stack them, stack them, or wear them alone—the new-age treasures from an Instagram business specialised in resin decorative objects and art pieces allow for endless possibilities. We adore the pops of colour, and just so you know, there’s some nice packaging involved as well!
Akanksha is a painter who works in oil, resin, acrylic, and alcohol. She gives workshops and welcomes partnerships. Her artwork is for sale, so have a look at her feed and choose what you like. If a delicate mix and match of components is more your style, we recommend visiting here to browse for some great renditions incorporating resin findings. Whether it’s spectacular hoops or items with a sparkle to spare, this Instagram small company is one LIT location to grab it all.
Saloni Rastogi
Saloni Rastogi is a Lucknow-based artist who specialises in handcrafted and personalised artwork. By browsing her profile, you may place orders with your requirements. This Instagram account specialises in handcrafted resin accessories, which range from intriguing charms to ornamental things. Take your choice by scrolling through their Instagram feed, or head over to their newly established website for some unique finds.
Poonam Shah
Poonam Shah is a resin artist from Mumbai who handcrafts one-of-a-kind items. Her paintings are available for purchase throughout India. She also does online seminars. If a delicate mix and match of materials is more your thing in artistry, we recommend visiting here to browse for some exquisite renditions incorporating resin findings. This little shop on Instagram is one LIT location to get it all, whether it’s spectacular hoops or baubles with glitter to spare.
The above-mentioned artists are a must follow, because their work is not only amazing but also affordable and trendy and also makes your home an artistic and elegant place to live and see.
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