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Instagram started as an app to share pictures which has now evolved to a platform where people from all walks of life share content and information. Artists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, psychologists, fashion designers – everyone is trying to impart their knowledge in a way that’s readily available and understandable to the common public. Let’s meet a few people who are giving us an insight into their fields of expertise through Instagram.
With a style so bold yet elegant and her energetic personality, it’s an account one shouldn’t be missing out on. Even without a formal academic background in fashion, sheetal has demonstrated professional level knowledge in a highly creative format. Her outfits display confidence and rawness. The unconventional and effortless looks that she pulls off are what sets her apart amongst a sea of fashion bloggers. She has worked with brands like Sheetal says that her motivation to keep going is the unconditional support she receives from people. You can also find her on YouTube.
A physio for patients and a VJ/emcee for the audience. Dhruv has brought maybe one of the most useful contributions to Instagram reels especially during the time of the pandemic. If you have back pain after sitting for a long time on your bed working from home, you’ll definitely find something effective for yourself in his account. Similarly, he has made reels explaining and making very basic information readily available. He’s also been recognised by the pink villa and the better India. He’s the founder of @youreventdoctor and @yedcare. His radiating personality shines out on his profile. If you’re looking for useful information in a very digestible format, his profile is the one where you should land on.
Sanaya is a Mumbai based painter and makeup artist whose profile you can stalk for hours and yet always be in awe of her customisations. The hard work and details she puts in each of her orders will make you a loyal customer. She started her journey from nothing, faced her share of endeavours while trying to build her business single handedly but always made sure to get up with a spark brighter than before. She talks about how hard the journey as a freelance artist has been, but knowing your art made an impact on people’s lives is what makes it all worthwhile.
If you want to customise wearable art like jeans, sneakers, jackets this is your stop. Sanaya has been a part of festivals like SunBurn and also at Sula Vineyards. Do take a look at her website –
Even though Instagram is predominantly occupied by bloggers, artists and fashion influencers, people are now adapting to the art of content creation in their realms of expertise. Like Dr Sidhant Nangia, who is creatively using the resources of Instagram to educate the common public in the simplest way possible. Reels are quite addictive and Dr Sidhant Nangia is making the perfect use of this resource to spread information to the common people. His medical takes on trends are fun yet so educational. Throughout the pandemic, he’s made sure to use his platform as means to information. His reels were so helpful that pages like pinkvilla, idiva and mensxp recognised him. In his recent interview with eat my news, he talks about the life-changing incident that pushed him to be a doctor and how he is not here to glamourise but make sure that he can educate as many people as he can.
In India, where mental health has been the biggest taboo, Akshita Panwar is relentlessly working towards educating people about its importance. She has done her MA in Clinical Psychology. Her reels have been both informative and a humorous take on how mental health is treated in India. What makes her especially stand out is starting conversations about queer affirmative therapy which is almost rare to none. She has also made many IGTV videos talking about various mental health-related topics. The good and comfortable vibe she radiates makes the screen incomparable and we promise you, you’ll either find yourself happier or more understood after going through her profile.

Even though Instagram will never be a legit source of sharing information, it does guide people towards a direction to learn and research for themselves about so many different fields. These creators are bringing a revolution in the world of content creation.
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