Underrated Web Series For Adults

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The pandemic and the multiple lockdowns have reduced many of our daily chores, which is why we often find ourselves engaging in various forms of visual entertainment like movies, web series, sitcoms, etc., and there, we spend endless hours watching our screen! However, once you get finished with your decided list, it may get difficult to choose a new one! You might have chosen the best web series according to their popularity on social media, which had made your eyes skip on the underrated gems! Thus, here in this article, it has been attempted to list the best-underrated web series on amazon prime, Netflix and other OTT platforms.
The Handmaid’s Tale.
One of the best-underrated thrillers shows on Amazon Prime, which will keep your mind engaged with incredible acting, script, and thrill for at least a month. The show will be more appealing to you if you are a feminist or a supporter of woman’s rights, as the creators have taken a sensitive subject, determined the trigger points of the audience’s feelings and thoughts, and have sketched a story which explores the extremities of oppression of women in a  patriarchal society loaded with religious extremism.
Living with yourself.
Among the underrated comedy shows on Netflix, ‘Living with yourself’ is definitely worth a watch. Though there have been many shows which have used the concept of human cloning, ‘Living with Yourself’ does it in a funny way. The confusion, the fun, the drama, everything makes it an enjoyable thing to watch and deserves to be called the ‘Comedy of Errors’ of the modern era.
In the crowd of underrated web series from India, Ghoul does the most justice to the capability of the creators! The show has the incredible acting of Radhika Apte, a spine chilling thrill that takes one’s breath away and keeps its audience wondering. In a world as it is today, what can be called a good decision, what can be the repercussions of a particular decision are shown in this series.  It takes on a completely different side of the Indian society, which has not been shown in any other film, web series or TV shows.
Black mirror.
Undoubtedly, the most underrated web series English! In the present world where most of our movements are connected to technology, the Black mirror brings the dark side of technology and its use in front of us. The series consists of several short stories divided into 5 seasons, with each story completely different from the others. If you are a person who enjoys the thrill, this show will thrill and scare you in an entirely different way than horror series or movies.
How to sell drugs online (fast)
The story follows a young lad who becomes an online drug lord, who initially began just to impress his girlfriend, but that one act takes him from nowhere to somewhere he never expected to be. It is an interesting plot-heavy show, where the lead actor is not shown as someone heroic, but in fact a creepy young person, and it sets apart this show from the rest.
An underrated Youtube web series, which paints the life of two young women who try to make the best of their lives as independent adults, but of course, a good and independent life comes with its own challenges! The best thing about this web series is that you can relate to it, especially if you are a woman in your 20’s or 30’s.
An incredible show but it now lies among the forgotten ones.A woman-based show, which follows two detectives’ search for a serial rapist, along with the story of one of the victims who is accused of lying about somebody raping her-the fact that this is based on a true story, keeps the audience thinking about the world of women and the numerous potential rapists, who go unnoticed every day.
Noted above, these are the best seven underrated series that deserve a watch! So, why the wait? Enrich your world of entertainment with these incredible shows!