Unusual Places to visit in Delhi

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Delhi is one of the places people love to visit atleast once. It is all stuffed with amazing sites, forts, and the best food with absolutely enormous variety. The way people hype about places around the globe is rarely true but without a doubt the hype about Delhi is no exaggeration. But nonetheless, there are places that need to be boosted as they are one of all you’ll ever find. Delhi has so much more to offer to you than just a usual touristy destination.
One of them I would boast about is Nizamuddin dargah. It is in the name of a famous saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. What people need is good music and mouth-watering food, it’s the place for y’all. It’s a pilgrimage site where you can listen to soothing old Sufi music and Qawwalis. Every evening is just fascinating. The shrine gets a flow of visitors everyday.
A walk can make your mind so clear and imagine taking a walk through Mehrauli. Walking through narrow alleys and admiring around is an exercise you would adore. It’s too plain or underrated in comparison to Qutub Minar, but it is extremely peaceful having clear your mind in the evening and talking about people and their heritage.
As, we were talking about some amazing offbeat places of Delhi, I cannot forget to tell you about Ghalib’s Haveli. It’s an old mansion of the Mughal era about hundreds of years old. It was the home of Ghalib, India’s most celebrated Urdu poet. It was gifted to him by a passionate admirer. It was given heritage in 1997. You can enjoy the magnificent historic structure in Delhi’s hustle.
A place for a peaceful and soft environment, where you would even want to volunteer is Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. It has the most peaceful ambiance you’ll get in this hustle and bustle. It is one of the most unusual activity to do but also one of the most calming one. They have plenty of activities for you to participate. You participating, can fill you with happiness as its for a noble cause and it fills you up with blessings. It is a place I would prefer over any other, anyday personally.
Another place too underrated is Champa Gali. Known for fashion craze, finger licking food, and out of the world coffee. They have an enormous variety of handmade art and craft items. There is a lot to discover in this amazing lane. There is a famous delicacy at Pho king, everyone who visits, surely tries it. You can buy alot of mini crafted and really pleasing handcrafted stuff.
A place which might look haunted but is a peaceful one, Agarsen Ki Baoli. It is one of the oldest monument and one of the best protected Baolis of Delhi. It is differently stoned, unlike the other monuments. It used to be a reservoir with hundred steps. This place is so hyped for the amazing photoshoots, movie shoots, hanging out and casual stuff. Agrasen ki Baoli is famous for haunting stories and incidents. It is a must visit place.
Who doesn’t like to shop? and That too amazing stuff at really low prices. I have just the place. Sarojini Market is one of the highest market with loads of variety of all types of things. And again, let’s not forget the amazing street food there. Any person can shop for hours in this market and for sure you won’t regret your decision.
All of these places, are what I would choose personally for my peace of mind and obviously the amazing food.


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