What can be suggested to small businesses to get success in monopolistic competition?

Published by Parth Dubey on

Instagram is one of the important tools of Social Media and Digital Networking. Since most of the young population is excessively using Instagram nowadays. It has been developed into an interactive platform for Networking as well as professional businesses as it provides us with an option to create a business account on Instagram & to publish our products & related information to attract new customers with its creative features & tools. 

Priyanka from Unwrapped Happiness suggested that we can also get periodic insights and analysis of our posts and stories which help us to update our profiles according to the audience. Along with this, we can also promote our stories & posts to reach a wider audience of different age groups or geographical location as well. Through our posts, we can collaborate with multiple Instagram influencers or brands which results in personal promotion at a great level.
Apart from this, Instagram also provides an ads account and an option to promote our posts where we can choose our target audience while customising age, region, preferences, interest etc. that can directly generate leads for us.

Priyanka started using Instagram in the year 2015 & has grown her profile organically with genuine followers who have brought business to her page.
Furthermore, she said, the number of followers does not directly impact the sales, It’s just that all the followers you have must be interested in your products & must be achieved organically to meet the ethics of the platform and to build a good and genuine reach. 

“I got my first order from Facebook when I just had 37 likes on my page & my first order from Instagram when I just had 350 followers. At that time there was no option to promote your products on Instagram which is easily available nowadays.” – Priyanka

She suggests that small businesses post regularly at similar timings to find & analyse that when the audience is most active. 
According to her, “Consistency is the key to achieve anything & everything. Be consistent in sharing your content with your followers regularly which will eventually mark a good impact on their minds & will hammer them with your products. “

Here are a few things she suggests for small businesses : 

• Always publish high-quality images and videos so that it looks creative & attracts new followers. 
• Provide attractive offers to your old & new customers to engage them with your brand in the first place.
• Use hashtags to promote your posts but make sure you don’t use hashtags which are already been used by multiple businesses. • Use uncommon & creative hashtags specifically related to your products & business.
• Organizing giveaways and doing collaborations can also help you in spreading the word about your page.
• Make your profile attractive with a personal touch & always provide the best quality products. Aim for customer satisfaction, so
that people can also recommend you to others.