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The latest feature of Instagram, that is the Reels section, has grabbed the attention of many artists in the past few months and it’s growing really fast. Instagram reels were introduced as an alternative to the popular video-making app Tik Tok but after Tik Tok was banned in India many people shifted from making Tik Tok videos to Instagram reels which made it more popular. This feature is used by people worldwide showcasing their talents and their creativity here and is also used by all age groups. You can see 10-year-olds as well as 60-year-olds using this feature and making creative videos. This new feature was used by Instagram to lure more users, increase the time spent by the people in the app every day, also wanting to establish itself as a video entertainment platform competing with TikTok. It’s made with the idea that after a hectic day people can just sit back and watch other people’s reels for inspiration and relaxation.

This feature has successfully helped many small artists in gaining clout and coming into the spotlight and it is slowly becoming the main source of earning for some people and their livelihood is based on it. Before Tik Tok was banned, it rendered many creators and influencers from marginalized backgrounds digitally homeless, and when Instagram reels were introduced, it seemed like a very promising platform to these people. Influencers like Komal Pandey and Dolly Singh majorly depend upon this social media platform to earn their livelihood, they both make creative Instagram reels or videos to gain more followers which in turn help them in making money.

Reels also helps in increasing brand popularity and different brands are using influencers to make their brand popular through Instagram. It is making small businesses grow and flourish. In today’s digital world, things are changing fast as well as businesses are growing fast. Instagram reels have proven to be a highly addictive formula to attract and engage the users and this has, in turn, helped businesses a lot. They are growing their brand by educating the audience and showcasing their business’s personality and values also highlighting what differentiates their products or services from their competitors.

Instagram reels are also helping people in gaining confidence by making them show up in front of the camera. Anumita Nadesan is a famous Youtuber who recently made a cover of the song ‘Jashn-E-Bahaara’ from the movie Jodhaa Akbar and people fell in love with it. She uploaded an Instagram reel as a sneak peek of her cover around December 2020 which was also her first reel and it has crossed over 5 million views already. This brought her into the spotlight and helped her gain a lot of popularity.
Another Instagram influencer Sakshi Shivdasani is an Indian model and is also one of the top 10 contestants of the Indian reality TV show “MTV Supermodel of the Year.” She makes youtube videos and slowly got caught up on the trend of Instagram reels and when she saw that people were really liking her work, she became consistent on making reels and eventually got verified with a blue tick on Instagram. Instagram reels play a major role in making her achieve this and in bringing her fame.
Instagram has started showing advertisements in the form of reels and it is being tested in various nations such as India, Germany, Australia etc. They will be similar to the reels and it can be a maximum of 30 seconds long and would have a similar full screen and vertical design. Earlier Instagram showed ads in its story feature and unlike that, the ads in reels can be liked, commented on, shared and even saved. This feature will help in promoting different brands and businesses and that way it will turn out to be a very viable platform and very engaging as well.
The introduction of the reels section is really changing the dynamics of Instagram. According to the newest statistics, it’s revealed that Instagram downloads increased by 11.4% in India from 7 million downloads within the 30 days before launch to 7.8 million downloads after the launch. You can see many significant changes taking place like the average time spent on Instagram increased by 3.5% in India ever since the launch. 20 out of the 30 NBA teams are using Instagram reels which have led to 22% higher engagements than the average engagement. As the feature becomes more mature, it’ll be interesting to ascertain how brands and influencers are ready to leverage the recognition of the Instagram platform to make reels work for their businesses.

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